mar 3 2011

Danze impossibili

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This Started As A Normal Dance. But 10 Seconds In My Jaw Was On The Floor. WOW!
Capital Cities - Safe And Sound (Official Video)
Poppin John e Marquese Scott sono due talenti nel ballare il Dubstep
un lavoro d’impatto nel quale si fondono tango ed hip-hop, la salsa, il folklore ed il tip-tap partendo dalla musica da lui prodotta
Dal film Ballando Ballando di Ettore Scola. A 1.40 tango

Apache dancer (Dorothy Appleby) is killed in the end of this film clip, not by the dance but a villian. Male dancer is possibly a young Anthony Quinn.


Qui a destra il link a 10 video di grandi lindy hoppers: Top 10 Best “Lindy Hop,” Swing Dance Videos

Laurel and Hardy in Way out West: "In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, On the trail of the lonesome pine— In the pale moonshine our hearts entwine, Where she carved her name and I carved mine; Oh, June, like the mountains I'm blue— Like the pine I am lonesome for you, In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, On the trail of the lonesome pine"
Laurel & Hardy "Shine On Harvest Moon" (1939)in a classic musical number from "The Flying Deuces"
Song from "Modern Times" - Karaoke version
"SINATRA SUITE" Performed to the music of Frank Sinatra. Cast: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Elaine Kudo

Dein Perry's Tap Dogs, the global dance phenomenon, has seen worldwide by over 11 million people.
Shae lynn Bourne - 2005 Gotta Skate
"Groovie Movie" by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, 1944. Funny jitterbug instructional video.

John Lennon da Silva dançando a Morte do Cisne no programa Se ela Dança eu Danço


el mejor baile robot del mundo el wey se la rifa

Este es un asombroso video ke bajé por accidente del Ares, pero lo sorprendente es cómo baila el útimo wey, INCREÍBLE!



que buenos
To date, the best piece of Lindy Hop. Featuring Harlem Cangaroo dancers, aka Whitey's Lindy order of appearance: William Downes (overalls) and Frances "Mickey" Jones (maid), Norma Miller and Billy Ricker (chef's hat), Al Minns (white coat, black pants) and Willa Mae Ricker, then Ann Johnson (maid) and Frankie Manning (overalls).


Evian Roller Babies international version
Tango Вертикальное танго Танго на шесте
Never underestimate an old gal
Eduardo Cappussi - Tango 2004
el tango de la muerte simpsons.avi
Increible danza, perfección en el baile...
Arrabal Tango Club opening (revised edit)
Tango at Arrabal exhibition 20081018
Charlie Chaplin- Table Ballet
Laurel and Hardy - dance
R.E.M. - ÜBerlin (Video) 65 video
performance di tangueri che ballano in un bagno nella vetrina di un museo
Fútbol Deporte Nacional
L'ultima rivelazione - danza brasiliana
Inga Savitskaya (Inga Sawicka) - Moskwa 2004
This is fantastic video about the "Great Chinese State Circus", playing "Swank Lake".
tango animation en tus brazos in your arms
Almasalsera - inspiration video
Sensazionale e veramente emozionante !